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Navisworks – Tips for Updating Models

A common question I get from new Navisworks users has to do with updating models. They often complain to me that when they have Navisworks open, they can’t update their Revit NWC files. So, if you need to continually append models to Navisworks and you don’t want to shut down Navisworks, this fix is for you. Under Options Editor >…

Navisworks 2018 Database Link w/ Excel – Primer

For this demo, I am going to use the Gatehouse sample file that ships with Navisworks 2018. You can find the files C:Program FilesAutodeskNavisworks Manage 2018SamplesGatehouse. If you have a newer or older version of Navisworks, the process basically works the same. The Process In order to connect an external data source such as an Excel spreadsheet or an Access…

Navisworks – Multiple Iterations and Locked Files

While working in Navisworks and you find that you are updating your models frequently, you have probably ran into the issue of having to close your Navisworks model in order to update your appended model. There is a quick way to get around this. In the Options Editor > Model > Performance, make sure “Close NWC/NWD Files on Load” is checked. This…

Navisworks Redline Tools

I don’t know if it is just me, but it does not seem like Autodesk is doing much development around Navisworks. One new feature I would really like to see added is a markup stamp. This would help accelerate markup sessions. Anyone know of a 3rd party app that does this inside Navis?