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Schedule Pipe Fitting Angles

I am working on a project that is very complex in nature and has a result, has presented some very interesting opportunities. On the project, we are providing some general BIM/VDC Support Services. We are not modeling. One of the more interesting aspects of the project is the number of custom HVAC and Pipe Fittings in the project. This is probably a good Segway into discussing setting up your Revit MEP template, but today I just wanted to discuss how to report Fitting Angles. It’s a two step process.

The first step is to create a shared parameter to capture the fitting angle. The second step is to modify all of your fitting families. In this case, I will work with Pipe Fittings.

Step 1

  • With either a Project or a Family open (it doesn’t matter which), go to Manage tab » Shared Parameters.
  • If you haven’t created a Shared Parameter file yet, click ‘Create…’ and this will start a new file to act as a database for your Shared Parameters.
  • Once created (or if already created), click ‘New…’ under Groups. You can name the Group “Pipe Fittings” or whatever you wish.
  • Then click ‘New…’ under Parameters to create a new Shared Parameter. Name it “Angle (Scheduled)” or whatever you wish.
  • Be sure to choose “Angle” from the ‘Type of Parameter’ drop-down menu. Click ‘OK’, and ‘OK’ again.

Your Shared Parameter had now been created.

Step 2

  • Open one of your Pipe Fitting Families for editing.
  • Go to Family Types (the icon with the four blue squares on the left side of the ribbon) and click ‘Add…’ under Parameters.
  • In the following dialog, set Parameter Type to “Shared parameter” and then click ‘Select…’ to choose which Shared Parameter to add.
  • Select your parameter from the list and click ‘OK’.
  • Set this Parameter to “Instance” and then click ‘OK’.
  • Now, if the Formula field for this Shared Parameter, enter “Angle“. Be alert, because the exact name of this parameter may vary.
  • Click ‘OK’ and reload the Family back into your Project, overwriting the previous version.

You can now schedule this Family’s Angle using your Shared Parameter.

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