Nationwide Laser Scanning Services

Real Estate Scanning Services


Real Estate Scanning refers to the process of capturing 3D representations of real estate properties. It goes beyond conventional property photographs, encompassing the creation of comprehensive 3D point clouds that can be utilized to generate detailed plans and drawings.

Developers / Architects / Building Owners

For developers looking to repurpose or renovate existing buildings, initiating the project with 3D laser scan is the best and recommended practice. The scanning process empowers architects and engineers to make precise and well-informed decisions regarding how to adapt the space. Additionally, it functions as an authoritative reference point for identifying potential clashes or conflicts among various professionals involved, such as plumbers, electricians, and HVAC technicians. The scan results in the creation of an as-built 3D model, serving as a central design asset throughout the project.

Homeowners and General Contractors

Considering a renovation project, then you may need accurate floor plans of the property. Using 3D laser scanning offers a swift and efficient means of obtaining these necessary plans.