General BIM Coordination

General BIM Coordination

VDC Experts recognizes the demand for a better process and focuses on leveraging our design and construction experience as well as our technical expertise to create project-specific BIM Execution Plans (BEP) that are tailored to the stakeholder and project needs and are organized, and transparent.

Design is one thing while constructability is another. The goal of any project is to smoothly transition through each stage of the process. As a coordination consultant, VDC Experts acts as both a trade manager and design coordinator for your project, allowing for a better understanding of how different building systems fit within a design.

We start new projects by thoroughly reviewing the project requirements, this includes contract BIM requirements, specifications, local code requirements, risks, budgets, CDs, existing conditions, schedules, survey control, and benchmarks. We work with each client to develop a BEP and coordination schedule that seamlessly integrates with project requirements and milestones.

As a coordination consultant, VDC Experts is responsible for numerous aspects of your project:

  • BIM Execution Plan – Establish Project Organization
  • Trade Coordination and Clash Detection
  • Production of Composite Models and Drawings for Review
  • Scheduling, RFI’s
  • 4D Build Strategy Review (3D BIM + Schedule)