Enhanced Design

Enhanced Design

Global labor shortages, supply chain uncertainty, and skyrocketing costs have put more pressure on Real Estate Development than at any other time in history. Are accelerated construction schedules, value engineering, or increasing contingencies the only options owners and developers have?

We have a better approach. You will benefit from predictive construction technology during design by partnering with us early. That helps produce an enhanced design product that can deliver accurate material quantities at bid time, identify and resolve installation risk during preconstruction, and accelerate installation to deliver incredible project results.

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No matter how detailed your proforma is, how integrated your project delivery method is, or how capable the best design and construction teams are, land development can still feel like a gamble with too much variance. Can you think through and execute the details to anticipate and resolve problems before they happen? Don’t leave your project to chance– or a line-item contingency. See the future of your project through our Enhanced Visual Design.

Change is the only constant. Redeveloping your next building, large or small, should be based on precise existing conditions and not “unforeseen factors.” Eliminate the uncertainty, elevate the design, and realize the installation through millimeter-precise, true as-built conditions with 3D Laser Scanning.

We live in the information age, where data can empower critical decisions- or delay solutions by burying problems under mountains of frivolous information. We provide targeted implementation steps customized to your project conditions to ensure results.
Sometimes the difference between a WAG and hitting the budget is meticulous planning and design. We incorporate the correct detail during design to increase the confidence of material quantities and takeoffs, ultimately driving associated labor and installation costs. If the devil is in the details, consider us the devil in disguise.